Friday, January 10, 2014

Remember the WikiLeaks Party Objectives?

As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, I have spent the past four months demanding answers from the WikiLeaks Party after they failed to release their promised inquiry into the 2013 Australian election debacle. Given the lack of response, and WikiLeaks' apparent endorsement (e.g. this interview retweeted) for their ongoing foolishness, I thought it might be a good idea to post here the draft party objectives.

I wrote these objectives up in March 2013, based on brief notes from Omar Todd and personal discussion with John Shipton, who kept asking for them to be watered down and less specific. The text below was the fourth draft, which included feedback and agreement from the original National Council members. These Objectives were supposed to appear on the WikiLeaks Party website when it went live, but they were never posted.
Objectives of the WikiLeaks Party

The WikiLeaks Party aims to secure human rights and freedoms by promoting transparency and open government.
We believe true democracy requires the provision of truthful, accurate, and verifiable information. Uninformed citizens cannot make informed decisions. By empowering citizens with the truth, we aim to illuminate our common historical record, hold the powerful to account, and optimize our society’s ability to make enlightened decisions on important issues.

We believe ordinary citizens have a right to privacy, but those who seek power - including ourselves - must accept scrutiny and accountability. As a party, we will promote the transparency of information held by powerful entities - including governments, corporations, other associations, institutions and individuals - and the actions performed by them.

We will propose changes leading to less corruptible government and business structures, while exposing corruption wherever we find it, from secret deals with council lobbyists to interference by foreign governments. And we will do everything possible to protect whistle-blowers who help expose such corruption.

We will advocate and support financially responsible government policies, which also recognise the rights of citizens and the critically important economic value of a sustainable environment.

We encourage scientific research and innovative technologies that can enhance prosperity in a responsible way, and we will promote freedom of the Internet as an important platform for communication.

We recognise the importance of equality between races, religions, genders and generations. We will advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and promote respect for all other ethnic, religious, social and political groups.

We will promote a humane, peaceful and sovereign Australian foreign policy, and support initiatives that genuinely encourage global peace, co-operation and understanding.

WikiLeaks has a proven track record as an incorruptible organisation that understands political complexities and is willing to hold power to account. The WikiLeaks Party supports the vision and ideals of the WikiLeaks organisation and we will always act as an agent of the people within the corridors of power.
I highlight the words "including ourselves" because the WikiLeaks Party clearly does not accept scrutiny and accountability.

I highlight the words "scientific research" because it became clear after the election that CEO John Shipton (Julian Assange's biological father) is a climate denialist, and the party website now includes pseudo-scientific denialist nonsense. Of course this would have been a big surprise to the party's many now-departed "Green" supporters, and the party has continued "Greens-bashing" ever since the election.

Some have encouraged me to "get over" this and "move on". Why? I spent years supporting WikiLeaks - as did other party supporters who quit - and I think we deserve answers. If the WikiLeaks Party is not prepared to be held accountable then it cannot possibly ask to be taken seriously in elections. And if WikiLeaks is not prepared to put an end to this nonsense, their brand will inevitably be damaged, and that is a calamity for the entire global transparency movement.

Julian Assange has succeeded because he is a political outsider - outside the tent pissing in. The WikiLeaks Party is inside the tent and pissing all over themselves. And right now critics are pissing themselves with laughter.