Monday, August 27, 2012

Assange And The Yellow Press

I was so impressed by this article (Spanish original) by Rudolfo Beuno in Ecuador's El Telegrafo newspaper that I decided to provide an English translation (Google Translate doesn't do it justice) plus a few Wikipedia links. NB: For anyone not familiar with the term "yellow press" it refers to the typical tabloid lies and sensationalism.
Regarding Assange, the so-called free press argues that he is sought not for political reasons but for rape; that on the subject of asylum, the UK has a more than straight position, and that Ecuador has a double standard because, at the same it defends Assange, it will extradite Alexander Barankov, a Belarusian dissident whose life would be in danger in their homeland. These three lies collapse under their own weight. Let us see why.

Assange would not be the first to be accused of a crime in order to punish him for an act that deserves reward. In the same way, Sacco and Vanzetti were accused not of being anarchists but robbers, so they were sentenced to the electric chair, and Captain Alfred Dreyfus was sentenced by a French military court to life imprisonment on Devil's Island, under the false accusation of having delivered secret documents to the Germans.

Émile Zola wrote the monumental "J'accuse" in his defense. And we could list countless similar cases. The persecution of Assange, as anyone with their eyes open can see, has inspired a tawdry mess.

Regarding the right of asylum, the UK has given refuge to a number of criminals, tried and convicted by courts in Russia, such as Boris Berezovsky, an oligarch mafia member of that country, who was guilty of introducing the "robber capitalism" that almost starved the people during the Yeltsin years, when he was Secretary of the Russian Security Council and made his fabulous fortune blatantly stealing the wealth of the whole society.

Not only that, but they even gave him a British passport under the name Platon Elenin. The effect of the actions of this villain, and others, was so disastrous that in the course of two decades the population of Russia decreased by ten million and their average life span decreased by about fifteen years.

Finally, we should ask those who fill their mouths with noble words to compare the cases of Barankov and Assange, why has this apparent human rights fighter, who is supposedly dedicated to exposing the corruption of the Lukashenko government, cataloged throughout Europe as the continent's last dictator, not requested political asylum in England, where he would never be extradited? Why has he fled to Ecuador, where his life would be in danger? Could it be for some reason that these commentators do not know, or do not want to know? Maybe he has a tail of straw. But whatever it is, if this newspaper published the truth, it would not be yellow.

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