Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Letter To Ecuadorian Embassy Requesting Asylum for Julian Assange

I just sent the following letter to the Ecuadorian embassy in Canberra and urge all concerned supporters of WikiLeaks to do the same:


Estimados señores y señoras,

I am writing this email to you as a concerned Australian who is profoundly disappointed in my own government's dismal failure to protect award-winning journalist Julian Assange from US-lead political persecution. I sincerely beg the Ecuadorian government to grant Julian asylum, and help arrange his safe passage from London.

I am just one of many Australians who have campaigned long and hard to request that Prime Minister Julia Gillard speak up against the bogus sex allegations being pursued by Swedish authorities, guarantee Julian Assange safe passage home to Australia, and allow his media organisation WikiLeaks to continue their extremely valuable work. Unfortunately, our efforts have fallen on deaf ears! We can only conclude that our ruling parties' allegiance to the USA is stronger than their loyalty to the Australian people or any ideal of Democracy.

In this situation, Julian Assange has been forced to seek asylum and I believe you should be proud that he has chosen Ecuador, of all countries, as his best chance of avoiding persecution. The people of Ecuador know what it is like to suffer US persecution and I am sure they will warmly welcome this brave Australian journalist.

For more details on the FACTS relating to this case, please see the following link: http://www.justice4assange.com

I recommend you also read this list of FACTS compiled by Julian's courageous mother Christine Assange: http://wlcentral.org/node/2486

Once again I sincerely beg the Ecuadorian government to do everything it can to help this brave man.

Por favor, hagan lo que pueden Ustedes para ayudarle a
este héroe valiente Australiano!


Gary Lord
Twitter: @Jaraparilla

Ecuadorian Embassy Canberra
6 Pindari Crescent O’Malley ACT, 2606
Phone: 61 2 62864021
Fax: 61 2 62861231
email: embassy@ecuador-au.org

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