Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reply from Senator Abetz

A WikiLeaks supporter received the following reply from Senator Abetz:

Dear [name withheld],
 Thank you for your email concerning Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
 The question you raise is very broad.
 I had some very serious concerns with what Julian Assange did with Wikileaks. It is tantamount to somebody breaking into your home and stealing your diary and then broadcasting its contents to the rest of the world.
 What it means is that in the future, people will be a lot more circumspect in what they report via email. I am not sure that that will be for the benefit of international relations.
 In relation to Julian Asssange’s personal position, I believe that the rule of law should continue to play out as it has been.
 I trust the above satisfies your enquiry.
 Yours sincerely
 Eric Abetz
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Liberal Senator for Tasmania

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