Monday, January 30, 2012

Email To US Grand Jury Lawyers

Alexa O'Brien today posted this copy of a US DoJ form including emails for lawyers apparently working on the WikiLeaks Grand Jury.

So I sent an email to the DoJ lawyers and Note that my email bounced back from and Alexa confirmed that he no longer works there (he's now helping lead a private Government and Corporate Investigations Team ). Peterson is a National Security lawyer who was hired just after Manning was detained in Iraq.
Dear Sirs,

I write to you as a concerned Australian who has been closely monitoring world government reactions to WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. I note that your names both appear on DoJ documents relating to the US government's Grand Jury, and I assume you are both actively involved in this investigation.

I urge you to step back and consider the bigger picture here. Tribal loyalties sometimes blind us to broader perspectives.

Those who consider WikiLeaks publications a threat to their national security tend to have few qualms about similar releases embarrassing other nations. Government officials everywhere regularly leak information for their own purposes - often far more secret data than anything WikiLeaks has yet revealed - and of course the media's role is to pubish verifiable information that informs the public, just as WikiLeaks has done.

US Department of Justice lawyers have argued that Water-boarding prisoners is not torture, despite all evidence to the contrary, so I am sure you will have no trouble finding a crime to fit Mr Assange, if that is truly your goal. But persecuting Mr Assange for concocted crimes will only further alienate public support for those you supposedly defend. How is it in the US national interest if nobody trusts their government? What do you achieve by making the U.S. Department of Justice synonymous with Orwellian attacks on the truth?

I urge you to read the following article by Mr Assange, in which he puts WikiLeaks current activities into an historical perspective:

If you are working for the government, and if your government is losing its way, then it is your patriotic duty to speak up.

Just as Private Bradley Manning courageously did.


Gary Lord
a.k.a. @Jaraparilla on Twitter
Gold Coast, Australia

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