Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where's Barry on #DAY4JA?

Julian Assange's mother Christine has asked Australians not to celebrate Obama's visit next Wed/Thurs 16/17th November, but to remember her son. Plan your protest now! The following itinerary is from AAP:

Obama is due to arrive in Australia next Wednesday afternoon.

He will be welcomed by Governor-General Quentin Bryce before heading into a formal meeting with Ms Gillard at Parliament House, followed by a joint press conference.

Ms Gillard will then host Mr Obama at a formal dinner where he will make some remarks about the US-Australia alliance.

Mr Obama will begin Thursday by laying a wreath at the Australian War Memorial before meeting briefly with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

The US president will deliver his speech to a special joint sitting of parliamentarians at about 10.15am.

After the address, Ms Gillard will take Mr Obama to visit a local primary school.

Mr Obama will then greet US embassy staff before flying to Darwin, arriving about 4pm local time.

He will lay a wreath at a memorial to the USS Peary - sunk in Darwin Harbour by the Japanese in 1942 - before joining Ms Gillard at a local military base.

It is believed Mr Obama may use the Darwin leg of the visit to announce a boost in America's military presence in northern Australia.

Mr Obama also will meet local leaders - including some Aboriginal representatives - before flying out to Bali for the East Asia Summit.

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  1. I was so sorry to hear that Australia has allowed the python to wrap 2,500 more coils around its neck, mate.