Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Of Rage

I am tired of watching the world's super-elite grow ever more obscenely rich, while I struggle to feed my kids.

I am tired of living in a perpetual state of war, where every man is pitted against his neighbour.

I am tired of shouting into the void, feeling powerless to change things, and waking every day to new atrocities.

I am tired of un-winnable wars sold with lies, designed to steal oil and guarantee military industry profits.

I am tired of the need for human beings to set themselves on fire to get their voices heard.

I am tired of things being covered up instead of cleaned up.

I am tired of watching my world sink into an apocalyptic future while media and politicians deny global warming.

I am tired of soul-less corporations whose existence depends on making ever greater profits, whatever the cost.

I am tired of the media spreading dictated talking points while the real news goes unreported.

I am tired of Beck, O'Reilly and all the other sad performing monkeys employed by Murdoch's racist media empire.

I am tired of the cover-ups. Who killed JFK? Was 9/11 an inside job? Was Bruce Ivins really the anthrax killer?

I am tired of people pretending Obama is the answer, and there's no need to stop the system that spawned him.

I am tired of waiting for Obama to close Gitmo, stop the torture, stop DoJ lies, and uphold the Constitution.

I am tired of seeing poor, uneducated kids dying for Uncle Sam in Iraq, not even understanding why they died.

I am tired of the fetid, decaying, puke that now parades as national pride in the United States of FASCISM.

I am tired of the United State of Plutocracy.

I am tired of corrupt leaders like Bush, Blair, Howard, Berlusconi, Putin, Mahatir, Mubarak, Ben Ali and Gaddafi.

I am tired of liberty being crucified on the cross of violence for profit.

I am tired of seeing dead babies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gaza. God I'm tired of that.

I am tired of hearing that Socialism = Communism = Evil, while Capitalism = Money = Good. Jesus was poor!

I am tired of religions opiating the masses while rockets and guns are fired at innocent civilians over oil.

I am tired of governments setting evil agendas, ignoring the will of the people, and still calling it democracy.

I am tired of death being sold to us as Life as normal.

I am tired of government support of torture for ANY reason. We, the people, are better than that.

I am tired of bosses who know that the law supports their arrogant abuse, who pay peanuts and rake in millions.

I am tired of lazy, greedy, careless assholes who think only of themselves and never do a damn thing for freedom.

I am tired of intellectual wankers like Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and Cheney and Zelikow and Greenspan and Rice.

I am tired of countries like Australia being willing slaves to US policy on Israel, the UN, and the Middle East.

I am tired of hearing people call Julian Assange a rapist, a traitor, and a criminal. Wikileaks spreads TRUTH!!!

I am tired of not being able to believe a single word that comes out of a politician's mouth.

I am tired of War Criminals retiring in wealth and comfort, international laws being mocked, and truth silenced.

I am tired of words like Freedom, Democracy, Peace, and Justice being tortured, imprisoned, pimped and slain.

I am tired of Liberty being raped by the unjust military-industrial-media complex.

I am tired of friends not even KNOWING what is going on, and not really caring, because it's just too crazy to believe.

I am tired of feeling angry. I am tired of fighting for change. But I won't stop fighting till things change.

(thanks to Twitter legend @exiledsurfer for help)

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