Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is Bob Katter Stupid Or Just Ignorant?

Apparently Global Warming can only cause floods or droughts, but not both.

Katter rubbishes Greens' call for flood tax
The Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, says the Greens' link between the floods and coal mining is ridiculous.

Earlier this week, Greens Leader Bob Brown suggested the coal industry pay for part of the flood clean-up because they were somewhat responsible.

"We know that climate change is due to the burning of fossil fuels, primarily coal," he said.

"I've called on the Australian Government to ensure that the tax on super profits on the coal industry to be levied in full to help the country pay for future flood, bushfire and drought disasters caused by climate change."

But Mr Katter says Senator Brown's argument is inconsistent.

"There is a problem that will arise in the oceans that we should be cognisant of," he said.

"But Mr Brown, with all due respects, [has] the hide to say to the Australian people that it's causing massive flooding, when not a year ago and for the last 10 years, they've been telling us that it's been causing the drought on the Murray Darling."

He says the comments are insensitive.

"I react with great anger," he said.

"You can't let people get away with that sort of hypocrisy and misrepresentations to the public of Australia."

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