Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dr. GAZ: Inside The Mind Of Rupert Murdoch

This is an irate response to FOX News' shamefully ridiculous character assassination of Julian Assange:
News Ltd founder and editor-in-chief Rupert Murdoch is a zealot and a purist who sees the world in simple terms: Great injuries are done to the powerful when innocent people or concerns can operate freely. The highest good comes from spreading lies and innuendo about such entities or individuals, using any means necessary and despite any negative consequences or loss of life, because a greater good — namely, wealth — is served.

Rupert Murdoch wants to force his brand of info-therapy on all of us. He wants to enter the psyches of governments and corporations (and maybe me, if I displease him) as a kind of omnipresent superego—making us “choose” complete opacity, vague truthiness and (to his eye) loyalty, lest he be exposed as a fraud before the entire world, with the blood of his posturing or lies or half-truths spilling wherever it might.

The roots of Mr. Murdoch’s quest to wrest wealth from corners of the world where misinformation reigns — for better or for worse — may well come from his own life story.

According to available sources, Murdoch was born to a media mogul father who had little time for his children. The fact that Murdoch Snr was a member of the wealthy elite may or may not mean that young Rupert was subjected to mental and/or physical abuse, but it could certainly mean that he sees any powerful individuals as worthy of being opposed and, if necessary, destroyed.

Lots of secrets may have marred Rupert Murdoch’s development. It isn’t clear whether he embraces the Jewish faith of his natural mother, or just the political zeal of his fellow Zionist expansionists.

It isn’t clear whether such anti-Moslem inclination motivated his part in promoting the Iraq War.

It isn’t clear why he feels the need to keep accumulating ever more wealth and power.

It isn’t clear what abuse was perpetrated upon him at boarding schools.

It isn’t clear what he knows about The Bildeberg Group and why he always attends summits at Davos.

It isn’t clear what happened to Rupert Murdoch when he was supposed to be having a childhood. Was he allowed to play outside? Was he forced to wear blazers and bow ties? Did he read Machiavelli and learn to lie again and again and again, until he could barely discern reality from fiction, anymore?

What is clear is that the foundation of Rupert Murdoch’s psyche includes little respect, much disengagement, little opportunity to bond with normal people (and, therefore, little opportunity to develop friendships), and significant suffering because of deep and dark secrets that he is terrified might be exposed.

That may just be enough to explain (but not excuse) a man on a quest to destroy any bright light or truth in the world, almost as if doing so could undo whatever injuries were done to him.

Dr. Gaz is an armchair psychiatrist and author of of the Wendi Deng Watchers Club. He is a long-time blogger and can be seduced by the taste of a nice creme caramel.

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